About Dr.Amir Salari

Dr.Amir Salari

Dr. Salari is RN, MSc, Paramedic, PhD in Educational Management and PhD of Disasters and Emergencies Health in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS).

He is Emergency and Critical Care Instructor in Iran and also Strong Professional skilled in Fields of CPR and Life Support Courses, Emergency and Critical Care, Medical and Nursing Education, Disaster Health Education, Health in Emergencies and Disasters, Infection Prevention and Control, Hospital Accreditation, Emergency Medical Service, First aid, Hospital Disaster Risk Management and Emergency Management.

He Has Over 18 years Clinical, Educational and Executive job Experience in Prehospital and Hospital Setting as a Paramedic, EMS Educator, Scrub Nurse, Emergency Nurse, ICU Nurse, Educational and Clinical Supervisor, Disaster Manager and Director of Clinical Skills Center.

He was a Disaster Committee Secretary and Resuscitation Officer of Imam khomeini Hospital Complex in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Plenipotentiary Representative of TUMS for Disaster Management in Six Number Region of Tehran Municipality and Coworker with Center for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention in Deputy of Health of I.R.Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education for 5 years.

He is an Originator of Prehospital Trauma care Training Course (PHTC) and In Hospital Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation Management Course in Iran.

He is also Faculty Member of Iranian Emergency Medicine Association, Emergency Medical Association, Nursing Scientific Association, Cardiac Nurses Association and Joint Commission on Life Support and Instructor of Many Clinical and Managerial Courses.